ASUN Campus Escort

Use your UNR account to make a ASUN Campus Escort request. Pick from recent pick-up and drop-off locations. You can also make a ASUN Campus Escort request by calling 775-742-6808.

Service Hours: M - F 7PM to 1AM.

Campus Escort is a free, safe transportation alternative for students, faculty and staff of the University of Nevada that operates in the evenings. We can take you to or from your activities on campus after dark as long as you are within 3 miles of the campus. We also run an evening fixed-route shuttle service and a weekend shopping shuttle.

Campus Escort will not pick up or drop off at parties or anyone who is determined to be intoxicated. Intoxicated callers who need a ride home are strongly encouraged to call a cab or plan ahead and designate a sober driver.

For shuttle routes, locations or a full list of our policies, please visit us online at or find us in the This is Nevada mobile app.

Please see for more information.
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